5 Things Elegant Ladies MUST Avoid In Fall

The sun is setting sooner and the evenings are getting chiller which means fall is around the corner. While preparing your fall wardrobe, the best first step is going through what you already own. Here are five fall fashion faux pas I expect to see in 2022 that you should avoid.

Ugg Boots

These boots are not appropriate for public use! If you need to upgrade your house slippers for something warmer, these boots are warm. However, not only do they add bulk to your ankles and calves, their construction does not offer any benefits for protecting your feet. Instead choose a boot designed for the fall weather and will add elegance to your outfit. 

Baggy Trousers 

An elegant lady will wear trousers that are tailored to her unique shape. There is no body type that requires the excessively baggy trousers that will be popular this fall. The excess fabric will make you appear unkempt and juvenile. I challenge every lady to invest in a pair of flattering wool trousers and take them to a tailor to get a perfect fit. 

Not Dressing Appropriately for the Weather

not dressing appropriately

During my time in London, it was not uncommon to see young women go to clubs in skimpy dresses and open toed shoes in cold weather! Caring for your personal health and safety is integral for an elegant lifestyle. Layering is a key aspect for dressing appropriately for autumn fashion. Different blazers, jackets, and coats can be layered on and off lighter tops and dresses to stay warm. Add a beautiful accent of color with a scarf or cashmere gloves. Be sure your outfits express your personality while keeping yourself warm and dry.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Just like ugg boots, sweatshirts and hoodies have a function, but not for wearing in public. These pieces of clothing are designed to be used for physical activity. If you have the habit of wearing a sweatshirt in public, switch it out for a smart sweater. Exercise clothing should be functional while highlighting your femininity. Avoid oversized workout outfits and look for matching athletic sets in colors that highlight your beauty.

Not properly caring for clothes

not properly caring for clothes

You can be wearing elegant designer pieces head to toe, but if you do not properly care for them, your look will be cheapened. Fall fashion includes many leather and cashmere pieces. Cashmere should always be hand washed!  If your sweaters are developing pils, use an electric depilar to remove them. Leather needs to be cleaned and polished. How often you wear the leather piece determines how often you will need to care for it. Pieces you wear multiple times a week need weekly cleanings to remove dirt. In all seasons, be sure to maintain wrinkle free clothes with a steamer.

If you did not watch my 2021 fall fashion don’ts please review them here. Before you go out to buy all new fall pieces, assemble outfits with the clothes you already have. This will allow you to see where there are gaps in your wardrobe. I am excited to see more elegant ladies this fall.

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