10 Things That Tell You Have Class

Elegance Rules

An elegant woman can be beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. However, if this elegant woman doesn’t have these 10 things that truly give away her class,then she cannot call herself elegant.

Elegant women are not desperate

Not only are we not desperate for men, we do not run after men. That is the golden rule if you are an elegant woman. But we’re also not desperate for people in general, meaning acquaintances, friendships. Meaning that we do some boundaries and we work a lot with boundaries. We understand our own value. We therefore don’t settle for less and we know how we should be treated. We demand respect because after all, we respect others.

Elegant ladies respect others

I just spoke about respect, but we also show others respect. That’s why we work so much with manners and etiquette. Sometimes people think that, okay, well, these ladies, they just think that they have to learn all these etiquette rules because  they think that that’s what the affluent does so they have to do the same. But in reality, it’s actually not so much about that. Certainly, you want to be able to navigate confidently in high society. The true reason why manners and etiquettes matter so much is because that shows class. It doesn’t show your wealth at all, because class does not equal levels of wealth.

Elegant ladies don’t do drama

Women who seem to be fighting with someone pretty much every single day. Now that does not signal class, that just signals that you’re a drama queen and that you’re perhaps insecure and that you have all kinds of issues going on with yourself. But elegant women, they don’t do drama. Okay?  Elegant women pick their battles, stay away from reoccurring drama and dramatic people as well.

Elegant ladies are not jealous

The more you level up, the better your life becomes, the more jealousy is going to occur in your life. Unfortunately, ladies, this is unavoidable. It’s part of life.  Elegant women, they are truly happy for one and another. They don’t feel ever really jealous. If they feel some form of uncomfortable feelings that they start actually questioning themselves. Why am I feeling like this? This has to do with me. This has nothing to do with that person.

Elegant ladies aren’t obsessed with material things

Elegant ladies enjoy the finer things in life, but they’re never obsessed and they never really let that control their life. Elegance and the finer things in life for us has nothing to do with being obsessed about materialistic things. We don’t let it rule our life. We don’t ever let it define our identity and we never ever let it define our own personal value. But what really gives us value is the value that comes from inside, the confidence that we have worked on so long and the self-esteem.

Elegant ladies communicate clearly

We stop swearing, we stop using slang. We refine our vocabulary. We understand what topics are appropriate to talk about and so on. But did you actually know that there’s so much more to communication than just that? Elegant women communicate clearly because do you know what happens when  you don’t communicate clearly with people? Drama, fights, issues.

Elegant ladies celebrate their personality

This journey is about primarily to remove all of those things that are holding us back, holding our potential back, those bad habits. So it’s about working on yourself to become a better version of yourself. We have chosen to add more of an elegant touch to ourselves because elegance is ultimately just like a sub-culture. It’s like a personal style.

Elegant ladies never look down on people who are different

There is nothing that signals more class and elegance than being open-minded and non-judgmental. Just because you have chosen to be more of an elegant woman, you have to remember that you are just embarking in a sub-culture. This doesn’t mean that people who are not elegant, that they are bad or that they are to look down on some level. I don’t like when women use elegance to feel superior to others. I think it’s not elegant behavior whatsoever.

Elegant ladies give back to society

It can be giving money once per month, as an example to a charity. It can be helping out in your community, somehow, maybe volunteering. It could be other ways you help out in whatever format that might be. It can be that you’re into philanthropy. It can be that you are active in certain organizations. There are so many ways we can give back to society, but an elegant woman or an elegant person in general, really has to give back, no matter on what level of finances you are, no matter where you are in life.

Elegant ladies works on her inner self

We are not always the kindest person that we could be or the most patient person, or the person who acts with the best mindset. Because we have accumulated things that are holding us back and these type of things, we can work on, we can resolve, there are issues within us that can actually be healed. I’ve spoken about thanks to therapy or spiritual work or reading self-help books, or just, I don’t know, consulting your friends or whatever it can be. But it’s about seeking out on wanting to heal and understand that you need to take ownership for your own issues.

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