10 Things Elegant Ladies Should Wear BUT DON’T

I am going to talk to you about those things that elegant ladies should be wearing, but they don’t. There’s a lot of etiquette rules that are with us from the past. But actually, modern elegance and modern society are breaking them more and more.

Wear Spanx

Elegant ladies should definitely be wearing Spanx if they want to conceal some things. In my online finishing school, I do tell my students that Spanx could really be helpful on some occasions. If you have something that needs to be tucked in, use Spanx.

Always wear hosiery

An elegant lady should never have bare legs. She should always be wearing hosiery. So for instance, if you are going to have bare legs, you have to wear nude hosiery. Now, one thing is for sure that when it comes to business etiquette, then yes. For business, you have to do it because business is business. There are rules that should be followed there because of certain dress etiquette. But in our everyday life, when we go out at night and so on, should we really be wearing those nude stockings, especially if it’s warm outside?

Only wear diamonds in the evening

There is this really common etiquette rule that you should only wear diamonds in the evening. But if you really look at modern elegant women, you will actually see that nobody’s really following that rule. If you have a beautiful diamond bracelet, then you are not only going to wear it at night, you will also wear it sometimes during day time or other occasions.

Only wear pearls in the day time

Pearls are sophisticated, timeless, elegant jewellery. However, the etiquette rule that suggests we should only be wearing them during the day is a little outdated. There are plenty of elegant ladies rocking their pearls for dinner, or a night out!

Don’t wear sandals in winter

You have to only wear high heels with closed toe. Open toe is for summer. Okay, to some degree, I actually do agree with this because it makes sense. You are going to be very cold and you might feel a little bit awkward because if it’s almost snowing where you live and you are arriving in a pair of sandals, open toes, not necessarily the appropriate footwear. And ladies, I’m just referring now to high heels because who would arrive in flat sandals in winter?

Don’t wear sneakers

So elegant ladies shouldn’t be wearing sneakers at all. I don’t know why people have this vision that elegant ladies have to be extremely rigid in a certain way and God forbid that they would wear a pair of sneakers. I mean, okay, I really think that that’s a little bit exaggerated. I am here teaching you elegance. I am all about modern elegance, but when elegance is turning into extremism? Who wants to go sightseeing all day in a pair of uncomfortable pointy ballerina shoes? You will end up bleeding from the blisters on your feet. We want to maybe have a nice pair of leather clean sneaker that is kind of a hybrid between a sneaker and leather shoe.

Don’t remove your hat at the dinner table

So this is a very old-fashioned rule because back in the days, women used to wear very sophisticated hats. Women take off their hats today because the hats that we are wearing, they’re more to match our outerwear. Perhaps even the hat that we would use on the beach, we wouldn’t necessarily sit down and have food with it. Well maybe some do actually, but I think it’s a common sense thing to remove your hat, especially if it’s on the larger side when you’re sitting and eating.

Don’t wear your watch at night

Elegant ladies should not be wearing a watch at night because it’s rude to be watching your time. But again, elegant ladies don’t follow this rule. A lot of women are wearing their watches at nighttime and it’s not necessarily because they lack skills and manners. It’s really because watches have become more of a fashion accessory today and more also a statement piece than what it was back in the days.

Don’t show cleavage

An elegant lady should never be showing any form of cleavage or should she? I do believe that an elegant lady should not be showing any cleavage because there’s just too much cleavage in this world today. There is an exception that I do want to talk about. You can definitely show a little bit of cleavage in an elegant way. There are certain women who are extremely conservative as their natural element and they’re almost a little bit too proper, too strict, too tense. Those women would actually benefit from showing a little bit of cleavage.

Dress for your age

If you look at today’s society, you will really see that people actually oftentimes dress the opposite for their age and it’s absolutely fine. So a common thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of the times, younger people, they like to dress themselves a little bit older, maybe because they want to be taken more seriously. And a lot of the times, older people, maybe older women like to dress themselves a little bit more younger so that they don’t have to reveal their age too much. And I really think that in these situations, it’s absolutely fine  as long as you make it work for yourself.

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