10 things elegant ladies NEVER wear!

This post is for those of you who want to be more elegant, because today I’m revealing the 10 things an elegant lady would never wear. I’m going to pinpoint the 10 things that are definitely downgrading your look and stopping you from looking like an elegant lady.

1. Gym clothes (outside of the gym)

An elegant lady would never wear gym outside of the gym. I see ladies wearing gym clothes when they’re running errands or when they’re at the airport. Perhaps yoga pants are comfortable, but there are other comfortable, sophisticated and classy trousers that are more suited for those occasions. Yoga pants are for sports and not every day wear.

2. Bandage dresses

Elegant ladies never wear bandage dresses. It’s so out of fashion, figure shaping and revealing. It has an overall cheap look. A lady instantly cheapens her image by wearing a bandage dress. It’s a big no-no for anyone wanting to look elegant.

3. Crop tops 

Crop tops are juvenile no matter how old you are. I don’t even think you should wear them if you’re a teenager. It looks very high-street and very cheap. People tend to wear them with leggings or jeans, and there’s nothing very stylish, luxurious or affluent about that look.

4. Cartoon prints 

Cartoon prints are the height of juvenile fashion. It’s time to toss out any clothing you own with Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop or Hello Kitty prints. They don’t make a lady look ladylike. Stay away from childish prints for casual clothing or pyjamas, too. Just embrace being a feminine lady, because that’s a lot of fun too.

5. T-shirts 

T-shirts are not appropriate every day wear. It’s not appropriate to wear a t shirt socialising, going out for dinner or to the office. You can wear a t-shirt when you’re moving house or digging in the garden; however, it’s not elegant and isn’t going to elevate your look. Also, avoid logo’d or branded t-shirts. It’s cheap and tacky and nothing an elegant lady would wear.

6. Ripped jeans

Why were ripped jeans ever invented? It’s not sophisticated and looks cheap and tacky. If that’s your style, you can roll with it. However, if you want to be sophisticated, ripped jeans won’t help you achieve a classy look.

7. Jean shorts

These are popular in summer because they’re short, light and easy to wear. The blue denim jean short can look too casual and I don’t recommend wearing it if you want to be sophisticated. White jeans always look more sophisticated, and will help you look more expensive and rich. Remember to keep it classy and avoid hot pants!

8. Bags with wear and tear

We all have our favourite bag, but if your bag is losing its shape, fading in colour or has loose threads then it’s time to give it up.  An expired bag belongs in the cemetery. It’s time to let it go, even if it’s a designer bag!

9. 90’s fashion

There’s nothing elegant about 90’s fashion. A bomber jacket or cycling shorts is not elegant. Even in the 90’s, elegant ladies never wore grunge fashion. So, an elegant lady today wouldn’t wear it. It’s cheap, juvenile and shabby. It doesn’t belong in high society even though it’s a hot trend.

10. Creased clothing

Elegant ladies do not wear creased clothes. People are becoming more lazy with their presentation. When you want to be sophisticated and elegant, there’s no room for laziness. Remember to invest in a hand-held steamer.

Bonus: If you want to look elegant, feminine and classy, wear tailor made clothes. Wear clothes that are perfectly suited for your body shape, because it can really elevate your look and make you look more expensive. It’s all about the fabric and fit, ladies!

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