10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Do!

Today, I want to uncover the 10 things elegant, sophisticated and classy women would never do. This includes everything from styling to manners and etiquette!

1. Elegant ladies never dress inappropriately

By inappropriately, I mean elegant ladies are not trying too hard. They are not trying to sex it up as much as possible so that they can get more eyeballs on them. They don’t use these strategies because they don’t have to. They know that their elegance makes them stand out. They know that their elegance is their superpower, and  gives them the attention that they truly want. Most importantly, it gives them the right attention. Elegant ladies do not wear clothes there are too tight. They wear clothes that you can at least place two fingers in between the garments and the body.

2. Elegant ladies never show lack of confidence

Confidence is probably the main ingredient in elegance. No matter how well you dress or how well you speak, if you don’t execute anything with confidence then people won’t buy your dose of elegance. This is such an important ingredient that everybody must master if they want to have success in this journey and become a high-value woman.

3. Elegant ladies never speak carelessly

They speak eloquently, they choose the right words, they use the right phrases. They wouldn’t say, “I’m going to the toilet” or “I’m going to the loo”. They would say, “Excuse me”. There is a particular elegant manner a woman would speak in. She doesn’t have to speak rigidly but it’s about killing those bad habits in language. No swearing, but also choosing the correct words for things. And if she is a native speaker in a language, she would use the correct grammar and avoid slang and such things.

4. Elegant ladies do not have certain tics or bad habits

Well, cracking your fingers as an example. Or maybe pulling your clothes all the time. We might not even be aware of them but we keep doing them. And it’s absolutely inelegant behaviour and it’s something that one must start paying attention to and work with self-awareness. The more tics you have ladies, the less elegant you’re going to appear.

5. Elegant ladies never upload provocative pictures of themselves online

I’m talking about glamour shots, provocative bikini poses. And I’m not saying this because I’m here to shame women and put them in a box. There is nothing wrong with showing skin. But if you’re trying to be elegant, if you want to have the branding of an elegant lady, then these type of images do not go hand in hand with that. It’s fine to upload a vacation picture, if you are wearing something that is tasteful. Let’s say you are in a swimsuit or bikini on the beach or in the beach club. But if you’re there posing on the sand and touching yourself and showing off your assets then ladies, that’s not going to make you look elegant.

6. Elegant ladies never chase men

Elegant ladies know they are high-caliber women who do not need to chase men. Surely, we can help men a little bit along the way in a very silent and an invisible way so that they don’t notice. But we do not chase after them, we do not keep messaging them first.

7. Elegant ladies never have bad posture

An elegant lady never slouches and walks around with curved back or sits with a curved back. It just reduces every single penny spent on her dress and ruins her image. You really have to take the details into account if you want to be on point with your personal branding.

8. Elegant ladies never have aggressive language

That can be the tone of your voice, or your gestures. Maybe you’re grabbing things harshly or stomping your feet when you walk. When you open doors, you might just be grabbing them too aggressively or slamming them. Having this very strong and aggressive presence is not doing you any favors when it comes to elegance, ladies.

9. Elegant ladies are never desperate

We’re not desperate for men, friendships, networking, opportunities or anything really. You cannot be desperate for your goal because then you’re selling yourself short. You have to always keep your head high and be laser focused on your goals. You can never act with desperation.

10. Elegant ladies never does uncalculated things

You really have to think about every single detail. When you get those details right, that’s when you get success. So, elegant ladies are always careful about their reputation, personal brand and with everything that they send out to universe. This includes their presence in society society, their behaviour and their online presence. How they are perceived is so important.

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