10 qualities of a high-value & classy woman

What is a classy woman?

A classy woman is someone who exudes confidence, elegance and sophistication. She dresses impeccably and comports herself with kindness and grace. Dismissive of trends, she adopts a timeless and classic style. She lives a rich and luxurious lifestyle, and fine-living is something she has become accustomed to and enjoys.

Becoming a classy woman is absolutely attainable, and there are many qualities high-value, classy woman have in common that you can adopt in your own life as well. Remember, being classy is not about being rich or having expensive things. Classiness is about being the best version of yourself, and that can be achieved on any budget!

Here’s what you can do to become a classy, high-value woman…

1. Curate a timeless wardrobe

Classy women take their image and personal branding very seriously. They are never dressed trashily, in trend pieces or in poorly made clothes. Instead, they focus on curating a timeless wardrobe that will be versatile and last them for many years.

2. Take care of things

When you start collecting beautiful, high-quality items, it’s important to take care of them. Affluent, classy women always take pride in their belongings. Even if they can afford to replace the item ten times over, they’ll still take care of it and keep it in good condition.

Make sure your shoes are always polished, heeled and stored in boxes. Your bags should be stored in dust bags and your clothes should be cared for and hung up nicely.

3. Practice a self-care routine

Classy women always prioritise their self-care. This could mean spending an hour of your day indulging in a hobby, or spending 30 minutes at night on your skin-care routine. Make sure to spend time doing things that nourish and fulfil you.

4. Serve others

While classy women prioritise self-care, they also care for other people. Taking part in charity events and giving back to your community or a cause you care about is essential. Not only is it deeply fulfilling, it also gives you a deeper purpose.

5. Invest in your education

Regardless of the subject, make sure you are constantly investing in your education. Investing in your education could mean doing a masters, or it could mean simply learning a new skill, like painting. Elegant ladies continuously invest in their education because they know the return will be worth it.

6. Be kind to staff

Never be disrespectful to those around you, especially staff. Elegant woman always treat staff with kindness and respect. Make sure to smile and have a polite tone. After all, class is not just about how you dress, it’s also about how you talk and behave. Talking down to others is very bad etiquette.

7. Exercise regularly

Another quality of a classy, sophisticated woman is exercising regularly. Classy women care about their health and wellbeing, and aspire to have the best physique and health they can. Plus, exercise is great for balancing your emotions, blowing off some steam and getting those endorphins going.

8. Be impeccably groomed

Grooming is one of the most important aspects of being an elegant, high-value woman. Whether you’re rich or poor, anyone can be well-groomed. There are plenty of treatments you can do by yourself at home. Your nails should always be short, tidy and manicured, while your hair should always be healthy and styled. Make sure you are always wearing fragrance and your clothes are well-ironed, too.

9. Have a busy social life

Classy women are always surrounded by like-minded, elegant ladies who inspire positive change and improvement. Making sure you have an active social life is key for networking, levelling up and creating invaluable experiences.

10. Manage your emotions

Throwing a tantrum, being stroppy and making a scene is never something a classy, high-value woman would do. Elegance and class is about being composed and balanced. An elegant lady handles every situation with grace and good etiquette. Always make sure to keep your emotions under control.

Remember to always aspire to be the best, most refined version of yourself!

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