10 Feminine habits to dramatically level up your life in 2022

10 Feminine Habits To Level Up Your Life 

A feminine woman is many things: classy, elegant, and on a mission to level up her life. She isn’t afraid to seriously shift her mindset in order to achieve what she truly desires. In her level up journey, she knows the importance of creating new feminine habits to transform into the high-value woman she is destined to be.

1. A feminine woman speaks kindly about herself and others. Valuing yourself and giving others grace is not always easy, but it’s always classy. Hold your tongue when you think about saying something that’s not very nice and instead focus on the positive qualities of yourself or others.

2. Create a habit to have your nails manicured regularly. Sophisticated women know it’s important to be well-groomed at all times with freshly done nails free of chips or breakage. You’ll instantly feel more put-together and ready to tackle the world when you feel confident in your appearance and grooming. 

3. Practice proper etiquette. Remember to always say please and thank you, send thank you notes, and demonstrate how to be a lady whenever possible. Etiquette may seem old-fashioned, but it sets you apart from other women and people take note of good manners and at the end of a day etiquette is a great way to show respect towards other people and yourself. 

4. Make it a habit to pay a compliment to someone every day. Whether it’s admiring another female’s haircut or complimenting someone’s handwriting, it makes both people feel better when you say a few kind and genuine words. 

5. Wear high-quality clothing with feminine details. Soft ruffles, flowy dresses, and classy outfits that flatter the feminine shape will help you truly embrace your feminine energy and elegance.

6. Read one self-improvement book every month. Allow yourself to be inspired and educated by reading high vibe, encouraging books on subjects that interest you. 

7. Update your social media profiles with new, feminine images of yourself that position yourself as a high-value woman. Be mindful of the image you project on your social media and see how you can improve your personal branding through the images that you post. Take new photos if needed in elegant settings wearing feminine clothing in muted colors and flattering cuts enjoying activities that you love doing and delete all of the images that do not align anymore with your personal brand. 

8. Pay attention to what you post and consume on your social media and remove anything that distracts you from your goals. Unsubscribe from low vibe drama and draining accounts full of negative energy. Start following sophisticated women you admire who encourage you to continue on your elegance journey. 

9. Spend time with your female friends. Make it a point to schedule time with your girlfriend regularly to be in the company of fellow classy ladies with big dreams and goals who encourage you to level up and help to hold each other accountable on your feminine goals by doing regular check-ins on your progress. 

10. Adopt a new hobby that makes you feel amazing. Try your hand at ballet or even bellydancing to unleash your feminine energy. It can be anything from dancing to arts and crafts and anything else that makes the creative energy flow!  

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Anna Bey is an educator in the elegant feminine empowerment space and the founder of an online finishing school for women. She can confidently call herself a pioneer in this genre because she was the first to be sharing content in this niche since 2012.

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Anna Bey is an expert on Modern Elegance™, upscale transformations, and leveling up, with over 150 million channel views. Since 2012, she has taught women how to develop a more refined personal presence and lifestyle inside the Anna Bey Academy, where she hosts her various classes and courses. Her publication features include The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and many more.


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