10 Classy Do’s and Don’ts

Classy Don’ts

– Don’t wear too much jewelry or bling. It looks tacky, and flaunting your wealth is not actually a very classy or elegant thing to do. Adopt the old money approach of subtlety as opposed to being very obvious.

– Don’t showcase your purchases on social media unless you have a genuine reason to share. Truly rich people never do this or feel the need to do it. They know how to be refined, and broadcasting your purchases isn’t part of that.

– Don’t overeat when you’re dining out. Always eat moderately. When you attend dinner parties or go to a restaurant, make sure you’re never starving when you get there. Overeating in public or in private is never elegant or sophisticated.

Eat something beforehand. The event should be about the people you’re with and food is secondary.

– Don’t stay on your phone when you are socialising. It’s disrespectful when a person is constantly glued to the phone and it’s bad etiquette.

True class is having good manners and respecting the people you are with. When you show people that you can live without your phone for the evening, you’re making an important statement as this is becoming a rarity today.

– Don’t wear bandage dresses or platform heels (or both). It’s dated fashion that was never particularly classy, and you won’t leave a good impression. The Barbie Doll look is not sophisticated and just makes people think you’re not classy, elegant or a high-value woman. Stay away from that look and embrace looking classy!

Classy Do’s

– Spend time developing your interests and hobbies. Some favorite activities for the classy crowd are horse riding, polo, skiing, tennis, sailing and golf among other things. People will find you more interesting and respect you more, and you yourself will feel more content with life doing fun activities.These are also great activities to make you feel like you have a luxurious lifestyle as these are hobbies of the rich.

– Buy fresh flowers every week, even if it requires spending a little bit extra. It gives such a feminine touch to a home and can instantly lift the ambiance. If you want to feel classy, you should surround yourself with such energy.

– Go at least once a month to a museum or see an exhibition. In many cities, this activity is free of charge, and you enrich your cultural knowledge and gain inspiration. It’s also a classy conversation topic and makes you come across as more intellectual.

– Read the news and interesting articles. It’s classy to be well-read and have extensive knowledge on many things. You’ll also be able to speak more elegantly. You don’t need to be an Einstein, but you should have something to say when you meet new people and can form your opinions. People will respect you more and think you are more credible, which potentially will give you more opportunities in life.

– Do invest time and effort in your beauty regime and grooming. Once you look perfectly polished you won’t need to invest so much in your clothes. Classiness is when you look impeccable, regardless of situation and time of the day.

Nobody on this earth is perfect, which is why it’s so amazing that we’re always evolving and there is room for improvement. I’m very much about continuously working on myself and always trying to see where I can grow. I’ve put my less classy behavior behind, and noticed the positive effects it had on my life as a result.

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Author picture

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