Ladies, have you ever thought that you’d like to work with me? Because sometimes positions become available with me and my team! I know that my audience will have some great talents, so I want you to know about the openings, and I’ll post them right here. Make sure that you watch this space for any positions that will be occurring!

Job positions

Full Time Real-Life (NOT virtual) Personal Assistant - MUST be Geneva Based or Commute Daily

Anna is looking to hire a truly exceptional real-life Personal Assistant for her business and personal life tasks. This is a full-time position, generally with standard workweek/work hours but some weekends. Anna’s schedule is fast-paced, irregular, and contains a lot of travel. You must be able to adapt! You will be working very closely with Anna in her office, at home, and wherever she goes throughout the day. A self-disciplined worker, you’ll get things done from your phone and laptop “on the go” quite frequently. Occasionally you will work from home; occasionally, you’ll be able to travel with Anna. You want to enjoy a long-term career as a professional PA and love supporting others, finding it very satisfying, and understand that you’ll be keeping a disorganized person organized.  You are NOT interested in becoming an influencer. Prior PA experience is not required if you have a suitable skill set and attitude!

Real Life (NOT Virtual) Content Collaborator (Geneva-area ONLY)

Do you have a flair for content, with your finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest in pop culture, fashion, current events, travel, and lifestyle? Are you comfortable on camera or in interviews and enjoy contributing your talents and intelligent insights? Do you have great taste, a sense of banter timing, an ability to carry conversations, and are known as reliable, dependable, and loyal? Is quick-thinking one of your strong points? If you are living in the Geneva area and possess these qualities, we’d like to hear from you!

Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you an experienced Graphic Designer with experience to be able to create amazing YouTube thumbnails, infographics, compelling ads templates and website assets that will beautifully communicate the Anna Bey brand to the world? Are using branding kits and accommodating client input second nature to you, and do you have the maturity, sense of urgency, and detail orientation that will be a great fit with our high-energy, international team of contractors?

If you’ve read this and think that you’re exactly what we need, we’d love to hear from you…so please fill out the application below!

Please note, this is a freelance virtual position, meaning you can work from anywhere in the world.

Freelance Videographer and Photographer - Geneva Area

Can you shoot gorgeous videos and photographs that reflect Anna Bey’s specific aesthetic and style? Can you edit videos to keep them moving and engaging, consistent with the format that her audience enjoys? Do you have a keen eye for the details and stylistic elements that make Anna’s videos and photographs really communicate her brand and message just by their appearance? If so, we would like to hear from you!

Note: You MUST be based in Geneva or the commutable area and own your own equipment and your own vehicle.

Social Media & Communications Manager/Collaborator

Do you have a knack for dazzlingly effective content creation, for envisioning and executing outstanding social media posts across multiple platforms? Are you a high-energy, strategic creative with an expertise in SEO, and can take charge of the content for several websites consistently? Would you describe yourself as a well-organized self-starter with a can-do attitude who can effectively manage and work with other freelance copywriters along with your own prolific and converting copywriting skills, and work with tight deadlines and plan pivots as part of an international remote team of contractors? Are you incredibly innovative and creative, and can produce amazing content off the top of your head? If so, you might be a great fit for us as a freelancer! This position may be part-time, regular collaboration, or ad hoc collaboration.

YouTube Manager

Are you an exceptionally effective and experienced YouTube Manager, with a can-do attitude and exceptional creative skills for strategic and converting content? Are you a YouTube analytics pro whose smarts and savvy talent get top results every time without “bro-marketing”? Are you familiar with the needs of female avatars, and experienced in working with female-audience clients on regular basis? Do your suggestions create strong and sustainable YouTube growth and produce viral videos? If so, you might be a great fit for us!

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